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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best meal I had this year: The Publican

I've got a group of hungry friends for whom The Publican has changed the way we do Chicago. We always make a stop. We don't leave the Windy City without eating some of that bacon.
This is not Publican, this is from the Eating Lansing kitchen.
Sometimes, the nicest ones of us even bring some of that bacon across state lines to share, which reminds me that I have two more deliciously thick slices of bacon in the freezer, courtesy of the world's best bestie.

In August, we went to Chicago. We ate a lot, and as usual we ate at The Publican.
It was just as tantalizing as 2012. While The Root came close, so close, The Publican still won top honors.
I have got to spend more time in Chicago.

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