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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tony Sacco's

I try to eat pretty healthy during the week. I stick with a lot of oatmeal, gussied up with chia seeds, peanut butter, and bananas, salads with an insane amount of spinach, eggs, fish, chicken, soup- normal, healthy stuff. I've been known to eat bags of spinach like they were bags of chips. I've also been known to be directed to stop doing this, because I was grossing everyone out.

Anyway, the main reason that I'm so hell-bent on eating healthy Monday through Friday is because I frequently go ballistic on Saturday and Sunday. Well, maybe not ballistic, but I give myself license to loosen my restrictions.

For the past two weekends, I've eaten huge, cheesy, garlicky meals at Tony Sacco's. And I've been so happy that I shoveled in all that roughage during the week, because I made up for it in pizza calories.

I know, a chain. I know. But not really. Tony Sacco's is only in six states. So just roll with it.

Both of my meals consisted of similar items. I drank a lot of this-
Club soda with lime, my old homie. 

We started with Garlic Rotolis (pretty sure that's a made-up Italian word). These are knots of bread, sprinkled with Parmesean, swimming in a bowl of oil. I ate about 17 of these and then kept the bowl to dip my pizza into the remaining oil. I'm trying to put on my winter weight.

Each time, I got to choose one of the pizzas. And each time, I chose the Capo. All of the pizzas are thin crust and this one is topped with pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, roasted mushrooms and caramelized onions. The dang ONIONS are what takes this pizza to a whole new level for me. The tomato sauce doesn't have terribly a lot of flavor, so the onions perk it up and make you feel like you're really a fiery-tempered, chianti-swilling, fingertip-kissing Italian when you eat this. 

Look at that chopped basil. Drool. 
This one is the Marco Polo. The artichoke hearts were bland and blah. What am I, a California hippie?

And this was the Napoli. Much like the city of Napoli, I would be happy never revisiting this (see what I did there? ZING, Napoli! Your move.) I don't like ricotta, and I should have known better.

Tony Sacco's only offers one dessert- some kind of berry shortcake. If you intend on cramming something chocolatey into your mouth after you abuse yourself with pizza, you're going to have to go somewhere else. Maybe try Bravo, also in the Eastwood Towne Center. They have those cute little three-bite desserts (which I use to create a dessert sampler platter, because I can't leave well enough alone.)

I'm digging Tony Sacco's. We only waited for a table for about 15 minutes on a Saturday night. I'm not one of those people who is crazy for pizza, but if YOU are, Tony Sacco's should be in your rotation.

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