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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Brunch House and a contest

Last Saturday morning, the boyfriend and I needed breakfast. It was 9am, so I knew that Golden Harvest was out of the question. You get there early or you plan to wait all day. He hasn't learned this yet, so I humored him and we did a drive-by. There were 42398 people in line. We kept driving.

We ended up at The Brunch House, which I described to him as being "near the zoo" since I get confused when I try to talk about Cedar, Larch, and Pennsylvania streets. Yes, I have lived here my entire life. I'm smart in other ways.

The little diner was packed when we got there. I think there had been some kind of neighborhood clean-up event that morning, since we saw lots of people wearing matching hot yellow tshirts. I thought about ordering the corned beef hash and I asked the waitress if it was made there or came from a can. She told me it was from a can. I ordered the French toast (and I appreciated her honesty.)

I gave the bf one triangle of this and I gobbled the rest of it. It wasn't remarkable, but it was certainly serviceable. I doused it in syrup, of course. I'm a human being.

The Brunch House is officially in my breakfast rotation. The coffee kept coming. The City Pulse rack at the front door was fully stocked. The old men at the table next to us were treated as VIPs, and that's just the kind of treatment of regulars that warms my cold little heart.

In other news, I'll start research (and by "research" I mean "eating") on my next City Pulse He Ate/She Ate column soon, and I would love to have one of you join me. For the next week, if you leave a comment on the blog in response to the question I pose, you'll be entered into a drawing to join me for a meal at my next subject restaurant. I might even bring you a baked good.

Today's question is- what is your favorite place for breakfast or brunch in the Lansing area, and what do you order?


Anonymous said...

My favorite place for breakfast or brunch is anywhere that serves a nice breakfast sandwich or perhaps a denver omlet.

Second is my house, where I know I will like what I eat and weekend cereal is always an option.

Aaron Matthews said...

Pablo's in Old Town serves up a mean breakfast burrito and the Chilaquiles are excellent as well.

Sarah Rechow said...

I like Soup Spoon best-- I usually get the buttermilk pancakes. Sometimes San Diego benedict if I'm in the mood for savory.
Also- there's a new brunch in town to try-- Hopcat EL has a Sunday brunch with bloody Mary bar. We went this past Sunday-- food was quite good.

Anne said...

We love to go to Sophia's in Grand Ledge, and I usually order a frittata or french toast. All portions are gigantic, and all of the food is fantastic.