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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sliders at Studio C

Last Friday the boyfriend and I met the bestie at Studio C to see the movie Gravity. Here is a nerdy fact about me- I love space. I am utterly amazed that human beings have been able to figure out how to go to space. My Google history since seeing the movie proves that I still want to go to space camp, and on Saturday afternoon when there was a lull in the MSU football game I sat in the stands and researched if what happened to George Clooney in the movie could happen in real life.

If you need me, I'll be in the nerdery.

Here is one thing that I love and appreciate about Studio C- there is a fountain pop machine that serves club soda. I never see this at self-serve drink stations, which is a shame, because I love club soda and will drink it any old time that it's available. Fizzy water, no sugar, no junk in it. More people should drink club soda.

We ordered the Angus Beef and the Turkey Reuben sliders. The beef ones were mediocre. I liked the pretzel roll they were served on. The Turkey Reuben sliders, however, were awful. The meat was stone cold. The bread was stick-in-your-throat dry. Of the three sandwiches, I ate one, the bf ate one, and we left the third one languishing on the tray. This is a rare occurrence, since the bf acts like he grew up as a member of the Joad family and never lets food go to waste.

Of course we ate popcorn as well. And it was awesome.

Tell me this, and enter my contest on the final day (winner will be announced tomorrow)- have you been to Studio C? Did you like what you ate? Or, in the alternative, what's your favorite space movie?


Patrick Daniels said...

Spot on. Couldn't agree more.

The Studio C!/Oscar's Bistro fall menu was released at the end of September/early October and, while their prices jumped another dollar, the overall quality of the food continued its gradual decline. I understand they need to maintain a certain profit margin over their expenses - and theaters have considerable expenses - but the quality is nowhere near that of the food offered upon opening in December of 2012. The Turkey Day sliders are an interesting addition, but not all that appetizing. The Turkey Ruben sliders, as you mentioned, are atrocious; the rye bread/bun is a lilliputian baguette slice, the turkey is spongy, and the coleslaw has absolutely no flavor. Honestly, one could probably find a better sandwich at a gas station. The salads are drowned in dressing and the "bread sticks" are not bread sticks.

All of that said, their popcorn is always fresh and the beer is always cold. I hope they're able to turn things around with their dinner offerings, but, at this point, this theatergoer will be eating prior to the movie.

GCJ said...

Pat, thanks for the info. After I commented on Facebook they asked me to fill out a feedback form on their website, which I did. I got an email from the "Director of Hollywood Endings" today offering me a gift card. Nice gesture, I'll use it for tickets.

Here's hoping they step their game up.