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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tannin for City Pulse

Read it here.
Brussels sprouts. Honeycrisp apples. A few of my favorite things.
Riddle me this, to enter my contest and dine out with me (my treat) while I research my next article- have you been to Tannin? Do you think the review was fair? What is your favorite Italian restaurant in the Lansing area?

Enter as many times as you like. You don't need to know me in order to enter- we can meet at lunch. You'll recognize me by my giant purse.
When I was in France I used to order a chocolate mousse AND a creme brulee at the same time and take small scoops of both of them at the same time. It was heaven.


Angela Wang said...

Never been there since I'm a broke college student. Still haven't found a decent Italian place in the area.

Anonymous said...

Have to say I really like Spagnuolo's!