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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eat At State Food Truck

Yesterday afternoon I was running a few quick errands, which included trying to track down a fox suit for an adult male who is begging me for one. Because he likes this song, a lot.

At lunchtime I thought about the Brody cafeteria, since I haven't been there in a year and a half. But then I saw a tweet that made me think about the Michigan State food truck, which I've heard mentioned and have never had the opportunity to experience. I checked their website, found their location, and headed to the MSU Auditorium. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich from this beautiful young coed whose neon yellow skull cap made me really feel those eight years it's been since I graduated from college. I gave her my $6 and my name, although I was the only customer there, and went to stand at one of the nearby tables and contemplate where my youth went.
You can see the hat that made me feel like a real 31 year old.

She called my name. I was still the only one there, so this was unnecessary. She could have just made strong eye contact and I would have retrieved my lunch. Anyway, she handed me this:

I speed-walked to my car and opened it up.
Ohhh, mama. The plain chicken breast was completely unnecessary and, while of course I ate it, the stars of this little sandwich were the bread and the mayonnaise. The bread was a toasted ciabatta roll, so buttery and crunchy that I didn't stand a chance of making it home before the sandwich was totally gobbled. Truth be told, I didn't make it off campus.

I had my choice of the cilantro mayonnaise or BBQ sauce. I think BBQ sauce on this sandwich would be awful, and I'd like a jar of the cilantro mayo to smear all over everything that I eat for the foreseeable future. It was delicious and I'll be making it myself soon.

There was also this.


What's your favorite Lansing food truck?

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Jon said...

I've only tried the Purple Carrot Truck, but I'm a big fan. Both my wife and I go to Fork in the Road, the Trailer Parked restaurant, a couple times a month and we've never had a bad experience.