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Friday, February 7, 2014

State Room birthday

A few weeks ago, my beautiful bestie turned 35. I always love her mid-January birthday, since it gives us all a perfect reason to come together after our Christmas trees are packed away and our lives have settled back down.
Her husband invited a dozen of her nearest and dearest to have dinner at the State Room, a beautiful restaurant on the campus of Michigan State University and one of my favorites from last year. I said in the article that the servers were professional, courteous, and well-trained, and they outdid themselves during our dinner.

We were sat in a gorgeous private room and greeted with an amuse bouche.
We made our way through a selection of appetizers (the grilled shrimp was the unanimous favorite) and gabbed about all of our friends and frenemies, as we are wont to do. We eventually had to stop talking if we wanted to keep eating.

I had the braised beef short rib.
I love carrots sliced vertically. I'm crazy, I know.
Since my friends know just how hungry I am, everyone offered me bites of their food. The walnut dusted Great Lakes walleye was the best dish on the table.The ribeye, not usually my preferred cut of meat, was a close second. The steak was laid atop roasted garlic, which was almost reason enough to order the dish.

When it was cake time (when is it not cake time?) and after the birthday girl blew out her candles, the servers sliced the cake and presented us each with a little ice cream.
I made the cake. Yes, I will make you one too.
Our service was perfect. There wasn't a complaint heard round the table, and believe me, that's remarkable. The State Room is quickly shooting to the top of my list of favorites, although the prices of some of the entrees might relegate it to a "special occasion" restaurant only.

Luckily, I have a special occasion to celebrate, and on Monday I will start my new job with a firm just down the street. I'm very excited, and I'm happy to give everyone the opportunity to celebrate at your convenience. I'll meet you at the State Room.

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Marcy said...

Happy birthday Katherine!!

Congrats on the new job!