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Monday, August 18, 2014

June Bon Appetit: Nashville-Style Hot Fried Chicken

I don't think I've had a lot of great fried chicken in my life. Strictly speaking, fried chicken is not a Michigan thing. I remember my mom taking us to KFC for "chicken littles" when I was a kid (anybody else remember these?) and that's just about the extent of my fried chicken experience. 

When June's issue of Bon Appetit had a whole spread featuring fried chicken (with all the accoutrements), I figured that the time had come for me to make it myself. My cookingest girlfriend and I chopped up the chicken, swallowed our nerves, and heated up the oil. 

It was awesome. Some of the pieces were a touch too spicy, but the general fried chicken-ness quality level was high. It was crispy, juicy inside, and the side dishes put out the fire in our mouths. The black-eyed pea salad was tart and vinegary and dead easy to make. Everyone needs a solid class coleslaw recipe up their sleeve. And then it was time for banana pudding.

Y'all (can I say y'all now? I made a Southern meal!), I was into the banana pudding. To make it, I bought my first-ever box of Nilla wafers. The boyfriend and I burn through about a dozen bananas a week, so obviously we're bonkers over the flavor. The dessert isn't difficult, and it was a nice, cooling end to our rich and spicy meal. As I said, I was into it. The boyfriend, however, went absolutely crazy for it. 

 The meringue darkened unevenly under the broiler, but as you know we don't judge a pudding by it's cover round these parts.

Within two days, the leftovers were gone. If you've got some time and a few cholesterol points to play with, check out these dishes and throw a fried chicken party.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Black Cat Bistro for City Pulse

 It's rare for a new restaurant to open in East Lansing and pique my interest.

It's even more rare for me to sing the praises of that restaurant to whomever will listen. The last time that happened was Tavern 109 in Williamston. I still love that little place. The pear pizza is to die for.

In this week's City Pulse, I heap praises upon Black Cat Bistro. Read it here.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Life, lately

I made an ultra simple, ultra delicious blueberry galette for my girlfriend Anna, who is living large and traveling the world.

The boyfriend and I split a Topopo salad. Then we walked five miles through campus and chased it all down with ice cream from Tasty Twist.

We celebrated at the wedding of my beautiful cousin Kate. The dessert table was the stuff of dreams. The cake was from Rykse's, one of Grandma Johnson's favorites, and it was perfect and delicious.

We had a fun night with 40+ of my first cousins. Not kidding.

My lovely British friend Miriam (and her new husband Luke) sent me this for my birthday, so I can know the origin of everything I eat.

The world's greatest grilled venison tenderloin with tarragon, roasted potatoes with fresh corn, garlic scapes, and gorgonzola atop an herb salad, and my perpetual Maldon and La Croix.

The baby nephew is as hungry as I am.

I said goodbye to 31.

And we wrapped up another Junior League year with a fabulous cake from A Piece O' Cake.

I wrap up every work week with my Friday morning latte. And hot pink lipstick.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cancun Mexican Grill for City Pulse

I can't wait to tell you about all the things I've been eating. But for now, this.

#tacohand. It's a thing.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sunday, June 22, 2014

What I've Been Eating

Blueberries, almond butter, a few chocolate chips.
 Protein Pancakes.

One mashed banana, two eggs whisked in, a tablespoon of ground flax seed, a shake of cinnamon and a bit of vanilla. Cooked over low heat in a greased skillet for about ten minutes.

Blueberries, almond butter, honey.
The topping possibilities are endless.

Peanut butter, strawberries.
 Sometimes, on Fridays, I add a little cocoa powder.

Blueberries, butter.
Raspberries, almond butter.
I think you get the picture.

The best pork chop I've ever had. Bar none. It came from Ham Sweet Farm, where I've been getting my meat of late as a member of their ingenious meat CSA. Near the first of the month, I get an email saying my share is ready. I head out to the farm and load up on chicken, pork, bacon, steak, hamburgers. . .

I marinated these chops in cranberry balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic salt and lemon pepper. Sometimes (ALL the time, who are we kidding) the simplest preparation is the absolute best.

Hamburgers from Leroy's. In between a wedding ceremony and reception a few weeks ago, the dreamboat and I headed to Leroy's with a few friends. I'd heard that the burgers are killer. The rumors were true. We will go back this afternoon to celebrate my birthday, and the fact that it's Sunday, and that this burger deluxe is $4.25.

Trust me.