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Monday, September 14, 2015

Cheese Platter, a favorite dinner

I would be content to graze on a beautiful cheese platter for all my dinners.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


At the beginning of August, I took a business trip to Marquette in the Upper Peninsula. I had never been there before, and while my dad insisted that Marquette is "a neat town," I wasn't convinced.

After traveling for work a lot this year and staying in a lot of nondescript hotels (think HoJos, Knights Inns, etc.) I decided to do something different this time and find myself a bed and breakfast. After a Google search, I settled on the Blueberry Ridge Bed and Breakfast.

I think the charms of bed and breakfasts might be lost on me. I found it awkward to make conversation with the owner over breakfast, and while I'm sure that there are some travelers who would be charmed with the owner's early-morning piano playing, I found it strange.

The breakfasts were sugary sweet.

Grape salad with brown sugar.
Peach puffed pancake with whipped cream, straight out of the can.
Dining room. This was at 7am. Notice the lit candles.
"Spicy fruit compote." Spicy because there was a cinnamon stick in there.
On my upcoming return trip to Marquette, I will stay at the Landmark Inn. And I'll find a little added protein for breakfast, I hope.

For lunch, I went to Sweet Water Cafe, more than once. I also went there for breakfast. This little cafe is wonderful- fresh, healthy food, made with seasonally-appropriate ingredients that are influenced by the UP (maple cream latte.) They make their own bread and desserts and both are fantastic.

Chilean avocado salad- exactly what I needed after the peach puffed pancake.
Almond cheesecake.
Yogurt, fruit, and granola, with toast and a maple cream latte. My favorite thing at Sweet Water.
I'm looking forward to eating at Sweet Water as many times as possible in October. What a little gem.

I also ate at Elizabeth's Chop House for dinner and The Vierling for lunch.

Bread basket glory at the chop house.
Best thing I ate at the chop house was the house salad. That vinaigrette was to die for.
Planked whitefish at the chop house, with double the spinach.
 My advice? Skip these two places and explore Sweet Water's menu as much as possible.

Marquette is a hilly town, which made running challenging but justified the above-mentioned almond cheesecake. There's a great little independent bookstore, and of course the views of Lake Superior are breathtaking. One morning I drove to Presque Isle park to go for a run, and I know that the autumn leaves will be spectacular at the park in October.

Before I hit the road for the 7 hour drive back to Lansing, I had a root beer float at Doncker's, which also has an adorable gift shop.

Does anyone have other Marquette or Upper Peninsula recommendations? Does anyone want to volunteer as chauffeur?

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