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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Selden Standard, Detroit

Much has already been written about one of the newest, hottest restaurants in Detroit, Selden Standard.

Eater- read it here.
Sylvia Rector for the Free Press- don't miss it. She is such a wonderful writer. Also, I did sit at the chef's counter, and Nyle did graciously offer me some olives. It hurt me to tell him that olives are the ONE THING that I can't abide.

Anyway, I abode other things.


In law school, we learn the phrase "res ipsa loquitur," translated from the Latin as "the thing that speaks for itself." At Selden Standard, I had a fried chicken sandwich and roasted Brussels sprouts. It was lunchtime on a Friday, and after I finished the day in Ann Arbor I considered driving back to Detroit for dinner. Res ipsa indeed.

Monday, December 1, 2014

November Bon Appetit- Pumpkin Scones (with or without cinnamon butter)

I took a few days off before Thanksgiving this year. The boyfriend I would be hosting Thanksgiving dessert for about 20 of our nearest and dearest, and I knew that I would need to get it together and clean the house. Those 3 days were lifesavers, and they also gave me a chance to make something a little luxurious, something that screams "holidays" to me- breakfast baked goods.

Flip to Bon Appetit's November issue and the recipe for pumpkin scones with cinnamon butter. The only time I'd ever made scones, I admit, was from a mix. You know those ones that they sell at World Market? Sticky Fingers brand? That name is the truth. Scone batter adheres to your fingers and doesn't want to release.

I made the batter in the evening, formed it into scones, and froze them on a baking sheet overnight. In the morning I got home from my workout, popped these in the oven, and by the time I was showered and Keurig-ed, the house was fragrant with the aroma of breakfast.

Full of chopped cranberries and pumpkin.
I skipped the cinnamon butter, because my brother always used to make me go to Texas Roadhouse and I always hated the cinnamon butter with rolls. I just don't think butter should be sweet. Give me an herby, tarragony butter any old day. I just drizzled a little melted butter on the scones.

A scone of some stripe is now a contender for Christmas morning. Not pumpkin, obviously, because eating pumpkin after Thanksgiving is tantamount to wearing white after Labor Day. Or whatever. I'm not even sure that they must be sweet. Savory scones are a thing, right?