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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Selden Standard, Detroit

Much has already been written about one of the newest, hottest restaurants in Detroit, Selden Standard.

Eater- read it here.
Sylvia Rector for the Free Press- don't miss it. She is such a wonderful writer. Also, I did sit at the chef's counter, and Nyle did graciously offer me some olives. It hurt me to tell him that olives are the ONE THING that I can't abide.

Anyway, I abode other things.


In law school, we learn the phrase "res ipsa loquitur," translated from the Latin as "the thing that speaks for itself." At Selden Standard, I had a fried chicken sandwich and roasted Brussels sprouts. It was lunchtime on a Friday, and after I finished the day in Ann Arbor I considered driving back to Detroit for dinner. Res ipsa indeed.

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