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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tacos El Cunado, Grand Rapids

Last week I was in Grand Rapids for my wonderful new job. It got even better when my boss suggested that we head to the Downtown Market for lunch. We walked in and my jaw dropped. There were cupcakes. There was fresh fish. There was whiskey barrel-aged maple syrup, which I snapped up for my syrup-loving Valentine.
I did several laps before deciding what I was going to eat for lunch. When I saw Tacos El Cunado, I was sold. I ordered a chorizo quesadilla, which was $6.50 or something else inexpensive (the charge hasn't posted to my debit card yet.) I went to the salsa bar where I loaded up with pico de gallo and some spicy pickled onions. I found my colleague and dug in.
This ain't no Taco Bell quesadilla- don't pick it up to eat it unless you're willing to have a "taco hand" all afternoon. I had one. I felt like a wild animal.

The chorizo was spicy but it didn't hurt. I took this entire thing down in record time and I've been thinking about it ever since. The two owners are an attorney and a restauranteur, and I dig that. It looks like the place is popular with locals too (and great photos on that site!), and of course Grand Rapidians know from Mexican food.

If you're in GR and hungry, you'll find something fantastic at the market. There are cooking and yoga classes there too? I might pitch a tent.

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