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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rookie's Sports Bar and a Contest Winner

Since the boyfriend and I started dating, he's been telling me that Rookie's Sports Bar has great pizza. I appreciated his input, but he drinks Carnation Instant Breakfast and eats Apple Jacks. Needless to say, I didn't take him seriously.

Last Sunday evening, I was starving. I'd run five miles, hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law, and tagged along on the last 12 miles of his 74 mile bike ride. I was about to morph into the monster I become when my stomach is empty and I told him that we needed to order a pizza, immediately, and it was going to be from Rookie's.

He was right.

The pizza was delicious. The pepperoni and green peppers- my favorite pizza toppings- were fresh and spicy. The cheese was melty and bubbly. I ate three pieces, then took the tip bite off a fourth slice. That's my favorite pizza bite, and you're a liar if you say it's not yours too.

Yesterday I called Rookie's to tell them how much I enjoyed stuffing my face with their pizza. I talked to the manager, Bev (or Beth?), who said that she remembered that pizza from Sunday night and she was so happy that we liked it so much. She said she doesn't get complimentary phone calls very often. I like to do that when something knocks my socks off, and I was happy I'd called Rookie's.

You should call them too, and order a pizza.

Rookie's Sports Bar
16460 US Highway 27 (Old 27, en route to Dewitt)

With baited breath, I am happy to announce the news that tens of people have been waiting for- the winner of my inaugural meal tag-along contest. I put all of your names into a bowl, and the winner is RYAN RICHARDVILLE.

 Thanks for the entries, everyone. Please keep your comments coming, and I'll do another giveaway soon.

What's your favorite pizza in town? Have you been to Rookie's?

UPDATE- we got pizza from Rookie's again last Sunday. It was just as delicious as before. Here is my evidence:

That little bit of cheese overlapping the crust made me really lose my mind. I ate two gargantuan pieces then snuck back into the kitchen for another half slice. He caught me.

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Jon said...

Delucas house special is my favorite Lansing pizza, but Rookies looks and sounds good so we will give them a try.