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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Go Green

Over the last few years I've trained myself into thinking in terms of "weekday food" and "weekend food." Essentially, I try to eat healthy during the week- lots of Greek yogurt, steamed vegetables, sardines, and tons of salad and green drinks. On the weekends I totally lose my mind.

I've tried to get the boyfriend to buy into this way of thinking as well and I will frequently catch myself saying "no, we can't have ice cream today, that's weekend food." I did make an exception yesterday, because the man rode his bike 100 miles. In one day. I don't get it either.

Here's a sampling of some of my weekday fare-

A huge salad with tuna. Roasted broccoli. Figs.

Pan-fried tilapia and steamed vegetables. Those $3 metal steamer cages are fantastic.
More frequently than not, happy hour chez Eating Lansing looks a little something like this-

He adds protein powder to his. I keep mine natural with blended spinach, carrot juice, and sometime a banana. These were both spiked with cod liver oil. I don't think these are on special at Rick's.
Every season, there is a fruit or veg that I cannot get enough of. Over the summer it's corn on the cob and blueberries. In the winter it's brussels sprouts and anything citrus. Right about now, it's apples.

I eat about 3 per day. Dunked in peanut butter, sprinkled with cinnamon, chopped and smoothie-fied, I am an insatiable apple fiend.

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