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Friday, October 11, 2013

Scenes from Chicago in August

Several weeks ago the boyfriend and I went to Illinois to celebrate the first birthday of his little nephew. I baked a coffee cake to take with us and planned all the eating.
I hadn't understood East Coast-hype about Dunkin coffee. I was young and inexperienced. There's a Dunkin near Frandor- get there and get yourself an extra large hazelnut with cream. Get me one too if you please.
We had a road lunch at Pizza Hut. There's no shame in my game- I love Pizza Hut. The crust tastes like butter and was the crux of my college weight gain.

For brunch we went to the Publican, which was the site of my favorite meal of 2012.
Pub pretzel, mustard, pimento cheese.
 We started with a pub pretzel, but it's more appropriate to say that I started my meal with huge mouthfuls of pimento cheese.
He had the maple ham, with French toast and peaches. Notice the cashed pimento cheese in the background, on my side of the table. 
 I had the succotash. I haven't been the same since. Fresh corn, potatoes, green beans, chunks of the famously thick Publican bacon, topped with a fried egg. I stared at it for several moments, marveling at the color, before I flipped over my fork (Wedgwood) and dug in.

Another shot of the vegetables-
I've sung the praises of the Publican before so I will spare you here. Rest assured it was just as delicious as the last time.

 Our next meal was at GT Fish and Oyster, where we ate all of these things:
Oyster Po'boy sliders.

Tuna ceviche.

Fish tacos. My favorite.

Mussels in tomato sauce.

Clam bake.

Blueberry donuts. We told the waiter that the blueberries on the plate had a horrifying taste and he told us they were pickled. Ick.
Then we rolled home.

Enter my contest and tell me this- do you like Dunkin Donuts coffee? What's your favorite Lansing-area coffee shop?

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