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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cookie Monster

I can't stop making Christmas cookies. If you follow me on Instagram (username gabriellejohnson) you already saw this platter that I took to a party last weekend. 

Plate from the dollar store, because I'm classy. Chocolate cheesecake cookies with mascarpone glaze, snickerchipdoodles (snickerdoodles with chocolate chips and toffee chips shoved in), gingerbread pigs, and white and dark chocolate peppermint bark. Speaking of that bark, which took me 10 minutes to make, it is $26.95 a pound at Williams Sonoma. If anyone is inclined to pay that, please let me know and I will make it for you, at half the cost, and tell you a joke and give you legal advice.

The advice will be "don't pay $26.95 for a pound of candy that you can make with a cookie sheet and a microwave, you dope."

The chocolate cheesecake cookies. . . I can't stop. 

They are delectable little pillows of gooey chocolate chips and crumbly cookie. You don't even have to let the cream cheese come to room temperature. 

I also took this white cheddar, toasted almond, and crispy sage pomegranate cheeseball to said party. 
 The boyfriend wants you to think that he "made" this, because he took it out of the fridge and then slapped some pomegranate arils on it. 

Oddly, a bunch of people at the party asked me what the red things were. Is pomegranate exotic? Man oh man does that mean I'm into something exotic?! Say yes.

In other news, all the gingerbread I've made this year has been trash. The cookies are too hard. They aren't spicy enough. They aren't sweet enough. They taste like gross biscuits. I've tried a bunch of different recipes but I can't find the sweet spot. Does anyone have a killer recipe they can share? I'll make you some of these. 


Marcy said...

That cheese ball looks sooooo good. I will be needing the recipe, and THE BOYFRIEND did an amazing job with said pomegranates!

GCJ said...

Marcy, here is the cheeseball recipe: http://www.howsweeteats.com/2013/12/pomegranate-jeweled-white-cheddar-toasted-almond-and-crispy-sage-cheeseball/#more-36186.