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Monday, December 30, 2013

Second best meal I had this year: The Root

This was a tough call.
Really, excruciatingly difficult. 
I knew that when I had to crown my best meal of 2013, I would have two strong contenders. I knew it in June, after I first went to The Root. I was blown away by the entire experience- the interior, with its tree branches and no-frills decor, the unparalleled training of the servers with their Vic Firth pepper mills, the proud Michigan-ness of everyone involved.

And the food. Of course, the food.
I've eaten at The Root four times since June, the last time being the Young Guns dinner, and every time I am blown away. It is an hour from where I live. I am being honest when I tell you that, if someone called right now and asked me to drive an hour to meet them there for lunch, I would drop this yoga mat right on the floor and get in the car. It is worth it.
If I haven't convinced you yet, I can't. If I have, take me with you.
Dig The Root, indeed.


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