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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sixth best meal I had this year: Monica's Gourmet Cookies

Granted, these cookies are not a meal. But they could be. Several months ago I was at Horrock's, an awesome food store we have that is known for its fresh, inexpensive, and varied produce (and for its free coffee bar.) As I filled my cart with spinach, apples, Brussels sprouts and the like, I saw huge glass canisters stuffed with adorable cookies. Although they were $2 a piece, I bought two of them.

I lost my mind over these cookies. I even mentioned them in this article. I started researching them- where do they come from? who is Monica? why are these glorified balls of dough so addictive?

Here is everything you need to know. You should also take note that Monica has a "bakehouse" in Grand Rapids where you can go buy a zillion cookies.

In November I did a reading in a friend's wedding, and at the rehearsal she gave me a sweet gift bag. Inside was a bag of coffee beans, a beautiful red scarf, and half a dozen of Monica's cookies. The most perfect little gift bag I ever did see.

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