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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ninth best meal I had this year: Vinsetta Garage

Vinsetta Garage is in Royal Oak, right on Woodward. It used to be an auto repair place (cool), and much of the original structure stands (too cool.) I had the 3am burger- Angus patty, Swiss, Woodshop MI maple bacon, topped with a fried egg & crispy fried onion strings, Sriracha mayo.

Eaters, I'm not a burger fanatic. But this was the best burger I ate all.dang.year.

The bathroom floor is covered in pennies.
I went back the next week and had the Vinsetta Burger. 3am is better. Get it. Go to Trader Joe's while you're there and then come back to Lansing and console yourself by staring at the Capitol building.

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