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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Food Goals for 2014

1. Learn to make lasagna, per my brother's request. I think this might help. Does anyone have a great recipe or lasagna tips?
2. Eat at each of the restaurants involved in the Young Guns dinner.There are six of 'em- Rock City Eatery (done! recap coming), Imperial, Streetside Seafood, The Root (obviously done, but this will be an excuse to make a return trip), Selden Standard (not even open yet and I'm already sweating it), and Forest Grill. Here is a teaser from Rock City Eatery.
3. Take a class at Le Chat Gourmet. It's been too long.

4. Learn to make tiramisu, per sister-in-law's request. Her 30th birthday is this month, so time is of the essence.

5. Each month, actually make a recipe from Bon Appetit. Month after month my favorite magazine arrives at my door, I eagerly tear into it and dogear the pages of the best-looking recipes. Then I throw the magazine onto my desk and promptly ignore it until months later, when I recycle several at a time. This year I am going to be better, and first up is the Canal House Lentils (since I have all of the ingredients on hand.)

That's my plan, eaters, and here's hoping 2014 will be the most delicious year yet.


Elisabeth said...

I have two amazing lasagnas that I make,one from Emeril and one from my girl Paula. One traditional, one, not so much (both delicious and get rave reviews from the hubs and fam):



GCJ said...

That Paula recipe looks divine, and I have the cookbook it comes from. My plan is to try each lasagna recipe I have in my cookbook arsenal. There are at least eight of them- I stopped counting after that. I will let you know how they turn out!