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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spicy Pork and Mustard Green Soup

Two weeks ago, I made this soup from the January issue of Bon Appetit.

I used a HUGE bunch of mustard greens, which I tore up and threw into the broth to cook down. I used wide rice noodles (which I slightly overcooked) as my base, and I ladled the hot soup on top.
Next time, I'll try it with ground turkey and kale. I might kick the noodles out if I'm concerned about the calorie count, or I might use tofu shirataki noodles instead.

It was a good, simple soup which can be adapted infinitely. Ground beef? Use it. Chicken tenderloin? Sure. Hate kale? Use spinach, or whatever you like. Between two of us we had a small helping left over, but it should be placed on the record that the boyfriend and I could eat a 20-inch pizza and have room for dessert.

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The Boyfriend said...

Tofu Shirataki anything will never be used for anything.