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Friday, January 10, 2014

Sretan Bozic* at Mediteran

Yesterday I met Dad for lunch at Mediteran, one of my favorite downtown restaurants and subject of this City Pulse review. I'd meant to go before Christmas so I could see the incredible decorations in the restaurant, but between the days-long power outage, polar vortex, and all of the holiday meals, it didn't happen. This week I confirmed that the decorations were still up, and Dad and I headed in.
I've told you before that the Christmas decorations at Mediteran are out of this world, and they didn't disappoint.
The cafe is positively stuffed with Christmas cheer. If you didn't feel merry walking in, you're going to have an attitude adjustment by the end of your meal, whether you like it or not. Even this dog statue was dressed for the holidays.
The food was hot, fresh, and delicious. I had the chicken with cranberry sauce special, which came atop spatzle and was beautifully garnished.
I had squash soup too.
Fresh herbs, everybody. Minimal cost, minimal effort, such a difference in presentation. I especially admired the display in the back of the restaurant.
The Christmas decorations will be up at least through this week, so hurry if you'd like to see them. Or plan a visit around Easter, because the restaurant is beautifully bedecked for that holiday too.

*Merry Christmas in Croatian


BF Mom said...

So . . . how was the food??

GCJ said...

The food is excellent, creative, and incredibly well-priced. If you click on the links in the first paragraph it'll take you to past writings about my love for Mediteran.

BF Mom said...

I didn't know you interred for Mickey Switalski!?! We're practically related!!