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Friday, January 17, 2014

Wolfgang's, Grand Rapids

A few weeks ago I hit the road for a quick trip to Grand Rapids with a girlfriend. She and I have been know to start chattering so much, and so distractedly, that once while we attempted to drive to Kalamazoo for dinner we ended up in Indiana. Since this trip had the advantage of daylight and neither one of us had had quite enough coffee yet, we were confident that we would remain in the correct state for the duration.

While she did what she needed to do, I researched where we would eat breakfast. After this great series on MLive ran, I had jotted down two must-visits in GR: Anna's House and Wolfgang's (the link wasn't working, so check the Facebook page too.) A quick Twitter check with my most beautiful cousin confirmed that Wolfgang's is the spot to beat and we headed over for a late breakfast.

We waited for a table for about 20 minutes while we gazed lustily at the dishes being whisked past us. After we were seated we came up with a game plan quickly- we would each order our own savory dish and would get a sweet dish to share. I just love friends who are as out of control as I am.

Of late, I've been loving both biscuits and gravy and corned beef hash. The two struggle for the #1 spot in my brain every time I go out for breakfast. When I read the description for the Keane, I snapped the menu shut and checked my chin for drool. Keane- Two biscuits in a skillet topped with corned beef hash, sausage gravy and three eggs. In the immortal words of Uncle Jesse, have mercy.
I got those eggs poached, as I am wont to do. The moment the hot skillet was set on the table I punched into the middle of the eggs JUST TO SEE if I would have something to complain about (i.e. hard yolks.) The yolk glided out of the egg and ran into the corned beef hash, and I ate my words. And everything else in the skillet. I cleaned it out and washed it down with hazelnut coffee and tears, because Wolfgang's is an hour away from where I live.

You didn't forget that we had breakfast dessert, did you? I couldn't forget the massive plate of pancakes sitting between us, staring at us, whispering to us "you're going to spent the night in the gym for this one, girls." We knew before we sat down that we wanted the Victoria Upton- tiramisu pancakes layered with mascarpone filling, and coffee topped with whipped cream, dusted with cocoa powder.

The pancakes were so light, but the filling was so rich and coffee-y. That dollop of whipped cream? The size of my face. The dish was gorgeous, to boot, and could have been photographed for a magazine. Instead, it showed up on my Facebook and Instagram, which is almost as important. Judging by the feedback on Facebook, Wolfgang's brings Grand Rapidians running. "I would have met you there on my lunch break!" said one cousin, while a friend who spent formative years in GR professed her love for the restaurant. I understand why.

Keep this place bookmarked, and if you're ever in GR and hungry, get thee to Wolfgang's.

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