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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Christie's Bistro

Last weekend I was at the Lexington Lansing (the reincarnation of the Sheraton Hotel) for law school prom. I ate, I danced, it was lovely. I stayed at the hotel that night and the next morning I called my homegirl to meet me for brunch at Christie's. It's been at least five years since I ate there and I had high hopes.

The brunch buffet looks impressive, and I put a serious hurt on the peel and eat shrimp (which I wish were seasoned like the peel and eat shrimp at Mitchells). I don't care for omelet stations, so I ignored that and focused my attention on the prime rib. The asparagus looked good, but at dinner the night before I had eaten about 67 spears of asparagus and that was enough for me.

I don't know if they don't have mimosas and Bloody Mary's, or if the waiter just didn't offer me one, but I stuck to coffee (meh) and iced tea.

The dessert table was dressed to impress. I didn't have any cake because I was stuffed with prime rib and shrimp, but the chocolate cake that I'd eaten the night before was fantastic and I noticed it on the dessert table at brunch too.

However, this brunch is expensive. For the two of us, the bill was $40+. Not worth it. I would have been better off ordering off the room service menu and spending the afternoon lying in my king sized bed with the curtains pulled completely shut to block out the sun (my favorite thing to do in hotel rooms. Try it.)

Save some money and go downtown to Soup to Nutz instead.

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