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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eden's Juice

Several times a week, I make myself a kale smoothie. I then take it out in public with me in a clear container, and everyone I encounter is grossed out.

Seriously, you have no idea how many times I have to explain myself to people. I JUST WANT SOME VEGETABLES, PEOPLE!

I love my smoothies, but I hate cleaning the blender. I also really want businesses that offer healthy stuff to stay in operation, so I have been hitting Eden's Juice in downtown Lansing hard. I went there five times last week. I am totally obsessed.

I don't really go for fruit smoothies (frankly, because I asked if the orange juice was made there or was bought, and I found out that it was Tropicana and I don't drink store-bought juice) but I love the raw vegetable juices. My favorite is the Cold Fighter- carrots, apples, ginger, and oranges. I generally get a shot of wheatgrass too, because wheatgrass is a staple of mine and I drink it twice a day. Theirs is so much better than my frozen wheatgrass powder. You can watch them actually cut the grass and blend it up right in front of you. Hello . . . picture of health, anyone?

They give me a little slice of poppyseed bread with my juice and I have a wonderful afternoon snack.

Last week I went in with a friend of mine and we got the wheatgrass grand slam- a shot of wheatgrass that you follow with shots of pure ginger, lemon, and cranberry juices, then a pineapple juice chaser. It made me feel like I live in the rainforest and just go around picking fruit and eating it all day. Maybe that's a little bit weird, but I'm into it.

Fun fact- Eden's Juice is in the previous location of my favorite salad bar ever, Fresh. When I worked downtown, I would eat at Fresh at least three times a week. Interesting how another healthy business ended up there.

Fun fact #2- the owner is MSU/Olympic basketball player Steve Smith's cousin.

Fun fact #3- if you ask for a spinach smoothie, they will indeed make you one. This place is fantastic.

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