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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Last week my friend Tom and I headed to Bravo in the Eastwood Towne Center for our traditional post-board meeting carb fest. I generally try to stay away from chain restaurants, but Bravo and it's neighbor Mitchell's Fish Market are just so darn GOOD.

Tom dove into the bread basket, but I don't go to Bravo for the bread. I go for the house salad. I'm not a salad lover, but this salad is exceptional. I love it, and I get one without fail every single time I go to Bravo.

Tom had the shrimp diavolo, which I've had several times. It has a little spice and it's probably my favorite thing on the menu after the lamb chops, which are incredible. I wish I had some of those lamb chops right now, as a matter of fact . . .

I got this chicken thing from a specials menu-
Chicken Valdostana
Thinly pounded chicken breast sautéed and topped with Prosciutto di Parma, Fontina, diced tomatoes and a mushroom white wine sauce. Served with brown butter and sage fettuccine

The prosciutto sold me, which will ALWAYS happen. Prosciutto is one of my absolute favorite things to eat. I can't get enough of it. However, I didn't love the dish. I mean, I ate every bite of it, but it wasn't one of the best things I've ever had at Bravo.

Regardless, I'm happy with every meal I have had at Bravo (and I have had a LOT of meals there.) It's freaking delicious. You can't go wrong.

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