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Friday, April 8, 2011

Mitchell's Fish Market

Yesterday, I had plans to have some girlfriends over for dinner. I decided that I wanted to make mussels for them, and I buy my mussels by the pound at Mitchell's Fish Market in Eastwood. I know that people don't normally think about Mitchell's as a source of raw seafood to take home and cook, but you should. The mussels are only $3.50 per pound, which blows my mind.

Anyway, I decided to have lunch at Mitchell's while they cleaned the mussels. My mother joined me. She had some boring spinach salad, but I had the delicious grilled scallops. They have stopped serving the lunch entrees with mashed potatoes and replaced them with roasted fingerling potatoes, which are SO MUCH BETTER. The mashed potatoes did nothing for me. The vegetables served with the grilled entrees are awesome because, unlike Crapplebees et al, they aren't cooked to death and soggy.

The entree included six big old scallops. I normally subscribe to the practice of not leaving any scallop behind, but I couldn't finish these. This was a LOT of food. I was in heaven.

I also really liked it when I ordered an iced tea and the waitress brought me a whole carafe of iced tea. Furthermore, the tea was chock full o' lemons (love) and there was an iced tea spoon in the glass. I LOVE iced tea spoons. I understand this is weird. I may or may not have taken iced tea spoons from restaurants before because I like them so much. Sorry . . .

Anyway, I love Mitchell's and I always have. This Catholic girl will continue to eat there all the time, not only on Lenten Fridays or Oyster Mondays (you owe it to yourself to check this out) but any day of the week. But not today, because TODAY is the day that I'm going to the 1913 Room for dinner. Jealous?

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