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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Edmund's, the remix

Last Sunday there was a marathon in downtown Lansing. I didn't participate because I would literally rather swim 100 miles, but my parentroommates and I decided to head downtown to eat breakfast and "watch the Kenyans cross the finish line." Although my distaste for Edmund's has been documented, I had heard good reports on their pancakes and thought it might be worth giving the place another shot.

I went in to get a table while Mom stood in front of the Capitol and Dad wandered around downtown, probably asking cops how it was going and if they needed any help. My experience didn't get off to a great start- I sat with my NY Times for a good 15 minutes before someone took my drink order. After I asked for coffee and water she disappeared for another 10 minutes before finally coming back with my coffee in a tall, skinny Irish coffee cup. I hate these cups. They don't hold enough coffee and need to be refilled constantly. However, since I know that Edmund's likes to keep things quirky with their Mason jars as drinking glasses,  I can overlook this.

In this place the menus double as place mats, but there's also a supplemental pancake menu stuck into one of those wire holder things on the tabletop. I knew I was going to get pancakes and I tried to talk Mom into ordering the oatmeal cakes while I ordered a sweet variety and we could share. She refused. She never does anything for me.

Although I have a real thing for oatmeal and was really tempted to order those (of course I can't remember anything about the description now nor find it online), I switched it up at the last minute and ordered two of these babies covered with peanut butter, crumbled Oreos and whipped cream.
I didn't run a marathon, but I carb-loaded like I did.

These were really good. Mom had something that might have been banana nut pancakes and Dad had corned beef hash, because he's an animal. We were all pleased with our meals. I will go back- but only for breakfast.

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