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Friday, April 27, 2012

Cops and Doughnuts Precinct

I love Cops and Doughnuts. After I wrote about them here I started following them on Twitter and was pleasantly surprised that whoever maintains that account is really quite active.

Dad went up to Harrison mid-week last week to mow the lawn, turn on the water, and do other gross stuff that needs to be done before the cottage is opened for the summer. I'm sure he didn't eat anything good, because the diners in Harrison are seriously lacking. I have frequently bemoaned the fact that there's nothing worth eating in Harrison unless I cook it myself, but I think that we might just be turning a corner.

A few days ago I read on C&D's Twitter account that they are opening a Harrison location and MAN am I excited. I have high hopes that this will encourage other Up Northites to put the heat on Harrison business owners to bring good food to Northern Clare County.


Tim Britton said...

The only stuff worth eating in Harrison is Hang's (Chinese), Buccilli's (pizza), and Giorgio's (pizza). Not much variety.

GCJ said...

Agreed. Here's hoping someone takes over the Palmer House and starts serving something worth eating.