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Monday, April 30, 2012

Soup Spoon Brain Food

A few weeks ago I wrapped up my three year law school career and am starting to study for this July's bar exam. I am prepared to spend 10+ hours per day re-learning everything about the law and I'm strangely and sickly kind of looking forward to it.

Aside from passing the bar, most states require that you also pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam. Basically, ethics for lawyers. Save the jokes, because I've heard them all.

Anyway, each state sets their own score that you must get on the exam. Michigan requires an 85. The MPRE is a 60-question multiple choice test, and let me just set the stage by saying that I'm not so good at multiple choice. By "not so good" I mean that I took this test three times.

I sat for the MPRE most recently on the morning of March 17. Yes, while all my idiot 30-year-old friends were drinking green beer and looking like predators, I was on MSU's campus taking an exam. I actually got up really early that morning to review a little bit more and eat breakfast. I decided that since I was suffering, I was going to treat myself to breakfast at the Soup Spoon.

I didn't get the Smoked Salmon Benedict like I always do. But maybe I should have, because Tina's Bacon Bonanza sandwich wasn't very great. Granted, I'm not the world's biggest bacon fan (it's ok, I just don't want it in my chocolate and on my doughnuts and I don't want to belong to a Bacon Of the Month club, thanksforasking) so it wasn't a strong choice. I'm sure some of my more sweaty friends would love it.

Maybe the sandwich was sprinkled with Al Einstein's brain cells (is that gross?), because I finally passed the MPRE. And I got a 98, suckers.

Hopefully I can carry that mojo over to the bar exam.

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