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Monday, March 12, 2012


Last week I had lunch with one of my favorite law school professors. We get together every few months for lunch and never have a plan as to where we are heading so we've spent quite a bit of time wandering up and down Washington, vetoing each other's choices. This time I suggested Edmund's and he agreed off the bat. I don't know why I suggested it. Maybe I was thinking about milkshakes.

The place was packed, and the sign at the door instructed us to seat ourselves. We stood there like morons because every table was full and eventually I spied a weird bar-type counter set up towards the back of the restaurant. That's where we ended up. It wasn't a good location, since there were actual tables of people around us and the servers were struggling to get by with their trays of food. I was pretty sure I was going to end up with burger-lap.

I needed some vegetables in my life and ordered the Ranch Chicken Salad with no cheese. The mound of iceberg lettuce, complete with those gross chunks of lettuce that won't come apart, was topped with two huge onion rings, grocery store croutons, cucumber, and other junk that gives salad a bad name. Upon further inspection of the placemat/menu, I realized that I should have ordered the Popeye Salad and added chicken. Or gone somewhere else. That probably would have been a better plan.

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