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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beggar's Banquet

Two weeks ago my SIL met me for noon mass at St. John's. I was lector #1 and ALSO an eucharistic minister, so I felt prettttty important. Sidenote- I absolutely love being an eucharistic minister and plotted for years to become one before actually becoming one last fall. I talked about it all the time, I knew all the moves, and I actually went to a training session a few years ago and left before it even started because I was too nervous. I don't know why I'm like this, either.

Anyway, after mass we were starving and I knew that she's had a pretty strong longstanding relationship with Beggar's Banquet. Truth be told, she loves the place and my brother can't abide it, so they rarely go there. It's been one thousand years since I had breakfast at Beggar's, so I was into it and we headed over.

I've had pancakes on the mind for a few weeks now. I don't eat them all the time or anything, but I just think about them a lot. I think I might be a little crazy. Another dilemma that I grapple with is the constant battle between a sweet and a savory breakfast- I always think I want one and then end up regretting that I didn't order the other. Imagine my glee when I saw the pancake option that comes with meat AND eggs. And, AND, you can add blueberries or chocolate chips. Or, if you're a lunatic like I am, you sweet-talk the waiter into putting blueberries into one of the pancakes and chocolate chips into the other.

I don't think I really sweet-talked him, I think he would have done this for anyone. Just let me bask in my unsubstantial victory, please.

The eggs were scrambled. The meat was bacon. I couldn't believe my luck.

I think I have previously mentioned that SIL loves a good breakfast burrito (her favorites are El Oasis and Soup Spoon.) She had her eye on a breakfast burrito at Beggar's too, and at the last second she threw me for a loop and ordered the Breakfast Bowl- Two eggs scrambled with ham, green peppers, onion & cheddar jack cheese served atop seasoned home fries, then topped with sausage gravy and two strips of bacon. It reminded me of my ol' college pal, the Skillet Breakfast at Flap Jack, and it didn't stand a chance. I didn't even have a bite because she mowed through it like she was never going to eat again.

We would have gone back to Beggar's last week after mass, but my little baby brother the picky eater was with us, AND I had to get home to head to the Black Keys concert in Grand Rapids. More on that to follow.

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