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Monday, March 19, 2012

El Oasis Taco Truck

Last spring in Lansing came with the emergence of two new (and hugely popular) food trucks- The Purple Carrot, which will soon be opening a restaurant at the intersection of Mt. Hope and Hagadorn, and Trailer Park'd, which is now better known as Fork in the Road. They are both fantastic. Very different menus. They are also both pretty pricey, with Trailer Park'd/Fork in the Road really taking the cake in that aspect.

However, for those of us who have been eating our way around Lansing for a few more years, we know that there is an OG food truck- El Oasis. Permanently parked near Lam's Sweeper Shop on Michigan Avenue at Foster, El Oasis has been there, keeping it real, for years. They are there in the rain and in the snow. They are there early in the morning to serve up breakfast burritos. I'm not the world's biggest fan of Mexican food (my girlfriend KC takes that mantle), but even I love some El Oasis tacos.

A few weeks ago my mother called me and asked me to come have lunch with her at home. Whenever she does this I know she is trying to hoodwink me- she doesn't want to get her act together and leave the house and she wants me to bring her a meal, but she doesn't want to just order me to do it so she presents it like she wants to spend time with me. Or something. Anyway, I was just coming down MI Ave, so I stopped at the taco truck and picked up nachos

and chicken tacos

for us to share. I could actually have done with a little less cheese on the nachos, but that's a minor complaint and I know that I'm in the "less cheese" minority. The corn tortillas for the tacos are my favorite part. They are so good.

The taco truck might be cash-only. I'm not sure on this point. However, if you get there and don't have any cash, run yourself right across the street to Quality Dairy and hit the MSUFCU ATM. No fees. Then get back to the taco truck, where your food will be waiting for you, and eat everything in sight.

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crackupmonkey said...

Check out this great video on El Oasis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJ7ASXWyk_o&feature=relmfu