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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mediocre Steak Night

I have a brother. I love him very much, but he and I do not see eye to eye on food. My brother eats because he has to. He eats meals in gas stations, meals where every single ingredient comes from a can, and meals where the potatoes aren't fully cooked through, but they're close enough so he'll just go ahead and eat. When I go to my brother's house for dinner he tells me to bring all of the food, because he knows that I will complain relentlessly if I get there and he tries to feed me canned meat.

My brother and I do agree on one thing- Fazoli's. It is delicious and we go there once a year, in March, for his birthday. Alone, so nobody can see how many breadsticks we eat.

A few weeks ago I decided to emulate my brother, and when I cashed in my Speedy Rewards, I selected a gift card to the Outback. No, we didn't eat a Bloomin Onion. I ate a filet and about 4 springs of broccoli, which apparently is a serving if you're fake Australian.
Beautiful plating, eh? What did I expect. The broccoli was cooked TO DEATH. The meat was heavily seasoned. The service was actually very good.

I ate this in about 56 seconds. Then stared at the flip-through menu on the table. And ordered shrimp.
Buffalo shrimp, to be exact, with blue cheese. I would eat tree branches if they were buffalo-style and served with blue cheese. I'm a human being, after all.

The boyfriend is constantly telling me that I'm a food snob. This was my attempt to try to prove him wrong, but I failed. As I sat there, watching him eat his sad little rack of ribs, I said "I'm sad that this is some people's favorite restaurant."

By the way, I know just about nothing about Australian culture, but I've heard that they call ketchup "dead horse." Can anyone confirm or deny this?

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