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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Coral Gables for City Pulse

Read it here.
Stuffed grape leaves.

Rice pudding, with a bite missing. Couldn't help myself.

Greek fries. Have mercy.
Now just wait until I tell you where I ate last week. I'll give you a hint- it's a chain, and they think they're Australian.


Enzo said...

If you want to call it like a townie - "The Gables" (leave out the Coral). The wife and I stopped in there and we both ordered the ultimate comfort food - meatloaf. As we each put the first bite into mouth, we stopped in mid-chew and looked at each other. EEWWGGGG. There was so much tarragon we could taste nothing else. Why would they put tarragon in meatloaf, let alone a ton of it? And feta cheese? The smell makes me gag, and dumping it on french fries won;t hide that. We will not soon return to The Gables.

GCJ said...

Enzo, that is such a bummer. Nobody was more surprised than me that I loved The Gables as much as I did. What other places do you like around town?