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Friday, September 20, 2013

Crepes and court

A few weeks ago I was in Detroit for motion day. What is motion day? The Friday morning cattle call for attorneys in Wayne County Circuit Court. While a lot of people hate to go because it takes a long time and you're at the mercy of the Judge's docket, I love it. I love to watch the other lawyers- to see what they're wearing, how they speak to the Judge, how they argue their motions. I don't mind spending half my day there. It helps me become a better attorney.

On this particular motion day, I took Woodward out of town. I like to take Woodward, to see all the incredible architecture that still stands in Detroit, and particularly to update my list of where I'd like to eat. I drove past the Detroit Institute of Arts and a little storefront caught my eye- that of Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes. It's been on my list for a while and I decided to stop for a snack.

Truth be told, even after spending a considerable amount of time living in France, I have never eaten a savory crepe. Whenever I was presented with the option, I was also presented with a wide array of baguette sandwiches, and I couldn't forsake them. If you've never had a baguette sandwich in France, cash in your frequent flyer miles now. The ingredients are always fresh. They bread is always crusty. Whether you find your sandwich in a Paris cafe or in a gas station (seriously), I guarantee it will be one of the best sandwiches you've ever had (I didn't forget about The Reason at Slow's.)

I stayed true to form on this visit to a creperie and ordered a sweet treat. I was going to tell you that I ordered the White Kristy- lemon, butter, and sugar- but then I noticed that this crepe has Nutella in it. And I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. But I remember that there was lemon with the chocolate in this crepe, and although it might sound like an odd combination, it was delicious. If you're going to the DIA (which you should, if you're an art person, and then you should teach me a thing or two), head North on Woodward and stop for a crepe on the next block. Feel cosmopolitan. Wear a beret.

If you want to make your own crepes, World Market sells a mix that isn't half bad.

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