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Sunday, March 9, 2014


A few weeks ago, I decided that it was high time I learn how to make lasagna. Although it's been one of my food goals since the beginning of the year, I kept putting it off- I didn't have the time, I'd eaten too heavy all week and couldn't justify another caloric meal, there weren't going to be enough people at dinner to put a dent in a full lasagna. But when Saturday rolled around, I told the boyfriend to invite his friends over for dinner and I got into the kitchen.

Per a recommendation from a friend in Georgia, I made Paula Deen's Lots O Meat Lasagna. There was indeed lots o meat- two kinds of it. Ground beef and ground Italian sausage. This went over like gangbusters.

Putting the dish together took a few hours, but I wasn't chained to the kitchen. The most confusing part (maybe because I'm not a very experienced lasagna eater) was how to order the layers. I started with a layer of meat sauce, then cheese, then noodles, but eventually I started layering them however I thought it looked best. None of my eaters seemed to mind.
I served it alongside a simple spinach salad with vinaigrette and store-bought frozen breadsticks.
For dessert, we had these peanut butter cookies and vanilla gelato with a little drizzle of butterscotch sauce.
After my brother positively hoovered the leftovers, he told me that he wasn't that impressed because I didn't make my own pasta. Maybe next time. . .

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