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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Strange Matter Coffee

Every Friday, I get a latte. I start the morning with a 5am iPhone alarm and head to a 6am class at FLEXCity Fitness, bleary-eyed. By the end of the 56-minute class, I'm starving and dripping sweat. As quickly as humanly possible, I put my lawyer clothes on and rush across town to get my weekly treat, which of late has been coming from Strange Matter Coffee Co, just down the street from The Green Door.

It's been a rough few months since Artie's Filling Station closed, and Strange Matter more than fills the void. The cinnamon and honey latte is transcendent. I try to sip slowly, but more frequently than not I find myself slurping. It's too delicious.

Strange Matter also offers baked goods from Whipped bakery, and I can confirm that the pumpkin muffins are a perfect compliment to your latte.

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