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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Restaurant Weak?

Every year, I put a few extra miles on my car driving around to different metro areas in our state to partake in their Restaurant Weeks. Grand Rapids has one. Royal Oak just had one (I ate at Bastone, which wasn't great), and Detroit has the mother of them all, which happens to be fast approaching in April.

I think Restaurant Weeks are incredible. I know they're a lot of work for both planners and restaurant staffs, and I know diners have to put a little extra thought into what their eating plan is and maybe make a reservation when they wouldn't normally, but these events get my blood pumping. I don't think there's a better way to experience a restaurant that might just be a little out of your normal price range. 

I remember a few years ago, there was a half-cocked attempt at a Lansing Restaurant Week. I can only assume that, since this event hasn't appeared again, it was a flop (a Restaurant Weak, if you will.) But I think we're stepping up our game in the Capital City, amirite? We've got some great places to eat, we've got a population who cares about supporting local biz, and we've got some social media superstars who promote the hell out of the area's events.

So, do we push for another Lansing Restaurant Week? Do I use my connections and willingness to beg people for what I want and make it happen? Are you all going to help me, and tell me where you want to eat, and promote the event on your Facebook and Twitter?

Those aren't rhetorical. I really want you to answer me. Tell me what restaurants you'd like to see included.

In the meantime, look at this stuff:

My friend, living in England, send me this photo with the caption
"Up from one a penny and two a penny. Inflation."
I LOLd for an hour.

Lent is super hard when you're forced to eat a tuna melt
and fries for Friday lunch.

Crust Bakery in Fenton. I ate a bran muffin, sea salt chocolate chip
cookies, and marshmallows. Lay off me I'm starving.

Stuffed French toast at The (French?) Laundry in Fenton.

Cafe au lait.

1 comment:

Anne said...

Yes, I would love a Lansing Restaurant Week! Restaurant Mediteran, Fork in the Road, Ukai, Deluca's, Emils, the Knight Cap, Pablo's Panederia, Golden Harvest...