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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Last year, I gave up popcorn for Lent. It was torture.

This year, I figured I would do the same thing. But last weekend I went to Kalamazoo and attended mass with my grandparents, both of whom have a very beautiful, very strong faith. I asked my 92-year-old grandpa what he would give up this year, and he said that he had decided to give up candy. The doctor had told Grandpa that he was "working towards" a sugar problem, and Grandpa wanted to tackle the problem organically as opposed to taking medication.

I started thinking- candy is a good thing to give up. But I don't eat a lot of candy, per se. What I do eat is a lot of sugar. As a matter of fact, I eat sugar everyday. I keep dark chocolate on my desk and every afternoon I chop it up, add it to Greek yogurt, and peel a few clementines to top everything off. Every weekend I bake. Every Sunday I have a donut.

I've decided that this year I will give up sugar.

I'm anticipating that this will be a very challenging Lent for me. I gave myself permission to relax the normal weekday eating restrictions during the few days pre-Ash Wednesday and I went insane.

Monday morning, I stopped at The Donut Cutter in Royal Oak and had a buttermilk donut. Without exaggeration, this was the best donut I have ever had. It melted in my mouth. I couldn't really believe what I was eating. It was delicious and I will think about this little baby every day until Easter.

Monday afternoon, I ate a salad for lunch. But I also ate this.

A little chocolate mousse tart. I actually scraped out the filling and ate that, as I was on hold with a bank and contemplating how I will ever get through life once I become diabetic.

Fat Tuesday dawned cold and gluttonous. I went to the gym and ran two miles, then I went home and baked a quick two dozen chocolate chip cookies from dough I had frozen last week. Then I went to Troppo for the Truscott Rossman Packzi Party. I ate, and ate, and ate, then packed a to-go box.

I know, I'm a pig. I was eating sugar like I'm going to the electric chair. But I figure that, aside from giving up coffee, quitting sugar is the most difficult thing I could do. And it's only until March 31, at which point I will eat an entire one dozen buttermilk donuts by myself.

Send prayers.

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