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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Club Sandwiches, Clementines, and Cake

I can't stop going to Tavern 109. The last time we started with calamari, which was presented in a way I've not seen before. It was gluten-free, which I don't care about but I know other people do, and which means that there wasn't a lot of heavy breading. The pieces of calamari were huge and it was tossed in a white wine sauce. I could make a meal of this and a nice little side salad.

Instead, I also ordered the world's biggest club sandwich and fries. It too some maneuvering to fit this in my mouth. I ate it for lunch for another two days (and, I should point out, I like a hearty lunch. To the point that my coworkers might be a little horrified.)

I love citrus fruits. All of 'em. A bag of clementines sits on my desk and I eat them all day long. One of my favorite snacks is to peel a few clementines, add them to a little fat-free plain Greek yogurt, then chop up a little dark chocolate and drizzle everything with olive oil.

My snacks are over the top.

When I manage to peel a clementine in one piece, I feel like I have really accomplished something.

A few weeks ago I celebrated the birthdays of two of my close friends. I made the cakes. On the right is a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, covered in rainbow sprinkles in an homage to the birthday boy's status as one of my #1 Gays. 

On the left is my bff's birthday cake. She has a real thing for chocolate and, although she claims to "not like" cream cheese frosting, every time I give her this chocolate cream cheese frosting she spoons it into her mouth and professes "this frosting is the whip."

She seriously says that.

And then I go to her house and take iPhone pictures of the two of us at her wedding, because she won't send me any of the pictures. I'm still hoping for my 30-year growth spurt.

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