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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fork in the Road

Last Saturday night I had dinner with my favorite veterans at Fork in the Road. FITR is the stand-alone incarnation of one of my favorite eateries, Trailer Park'd. I have always loved Trailer Park'd burgers, their wood-paneled truck, and the aromas that waft out of that little trailer, but unfortunately FITR has not yet won my heart.

I ordered the Brussels Sprouts, shown above. As they are ridiculously called on the menu, the Fried Brussels with Carmelized Onion Cheddar-Apple-Maple Mustard-Cider Vinny. I love Brussels Sprouts and I like that they were whole, not shredded or halved, but there wasn't any caramelization to speak of and the mustard sauce was overpowering. 

I also had the tacos, better known as the Ballin' Ass Tacos. I can't quite bring myself to say that. I can, however, comfortably assert that these tacos are the best thing on the menu. 

I have a couple of reasons for that claim: 1. unlike many of the other options at FITR, an order of the tacos gives you a pretty substantial amount of food; 2. I think that $7.50 is a reasonable price; and 3. these tacos are GOOD. Don't order them if you can't take the heat, because the chorizo is seriously spicy and I was straight chugging water by the end of the second taco. 

I also ordered the bread pudding. After it came to the table I realized that I've already had the bread pudding at FITR and wasn't in love with it, but I soldiered through and ate half of this. 

I like the chunks of chocolate and the pistachios, but it's quite dry and the bread pudding at Soup Spoon beats the crap out of FITR. 

Here's the rub- my total after ordering these three items was $20 and change. That. Is. Outrageous. I know, I know- local, sustainable, difficult to make a profit- I know. But let's get real for a second. This is Lansing, Michigan. This diner is a stone's throw from Sexton High School (heyyyy, shoulda been a Big Red!) and a recently-shuttered GM plant. The price point at FITR is way, way off. 

My vet ordered the ravioli. He asked the cashier (yes, you order your food at the counter, pay for it, then they bring it to you, and this is awful and I hate it) if he should get a side dish, and she told him that the entree was a "huge plate of ravioli." 

There were three raviolis on the plate. It was $18. 

Guys, I just can't get behind that. And believe me, I have no problem paying for delicious food when I think it's a good value and you're getting what you pay for. I just can't say that I feel that way about FITR, and I'm sad to report that. I hope something changes. 

In the meantime, Happy Veteran's Day, in particular to my favorite Republican, my favorite veteran, my political foe and my good, good friend. You're the best.


Enzo said...

Sorry, but no matter how you dress them up, brussels sprouts are not food, the awful little things. After a couple visits, my reaction to FITR was: nice try. Advice: don't let cheffiness get in the way of good tasting food. I don't want arugula in my corn flakes. They may have to price something at $10 to cover costs, but that doesn't make it worth $10 to eat. Good ideas like the grits don't pull off as good as they sound.

GCJ said...

Hey Enzo, did you ever eat at Enso out at Lake Lansing and Abbot? It was shuttered for good reason.

Try the Brussels at Roast in Detroit and, if your mind isn't changed, I will eat my hat.

Enzo said...

We looked at Enso online and found the menu looking rather self-consciously trendy, and were not surprised when it folded. But never ate there. Very poor location for upscale restaurant.

I imagine I'd like Roast, considering we watch its owner on TV a lot, and he can sure cook. But the only way I ever would enjoy brussels sprouts would be if they were hidden within so much other flavors they couldn;t be tasted, and then what would be the point? I think of brussels as overly strong cabbage-ish taste and I don't care for it, in a similar way I don't like crawfish as they taste like overly strong lobster. You can enjoy them in my stead.