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Friday, January 20, 2012

SBux at Michigan State University

I know, I know. We're supposed to eat at local restaurants, shop at independently-owned stores, only eat chicken that was born on the actual serving platter and lived a carefree life. I know that, and I am usually all for it. But I have a confession- I love Starbucks.
I love their coffee, I love their lattes, I LOVE their oatmeal, and those cake pops (especially the birthday cake) can't be beat. I like that you know that it's always going to taste the same. And maybe it's because by virtue of living in Lansing I don't actually see Starbucks very often, but when there's one in the vicinity I want to go.

For the next few months I am spending all day Thursday and Friday back on the campus of MSU, where I terrorized parking enforcement daily for five years. Yes, I was an undergrad for five years. I also have two Bachelor's degrees. Back off, MOM. A friend of mine who works on campus asked me if I wanted to get coffee this week and, of course, I agreed. This lady was calling my name-

It's in Wells Hall. You know, the one where you can find the man screaming about the Bible to passersby in the warmer months. Charming, that guy.

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