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Sunday, August 24, 2014

July Bon Appetit: Shrimp with Fresh Corn Grits

We have been eating our weight in corn.

Grilled corn with zucchini and The Pioneer Woman's Dr. Pepper pulled pork, rolled in corn tortillas.
Corn, off the cob, with potato, blue cheese, garlic scapes, and spinach, and venison tenderloin.
Corn, asparagus, and the world's best pork chops.
I have always loved corn. As a kid, when corn was part of dinner, I would grab the bowl after everyone had left the table and help myself to the rest of it. I would also do this with spinach. I was a weird kid.

These days, we've stepped up our game and generally eschew canned corn. I buy ears of corn, half a dozen or more at a time. I buy them from Meijer early in the season, but as soon as Reese Farm opens, they get all of my business.

A few weeks ago, after the boyfriend and I spent the whole day at a bicycle race, we needed a quick dinner. I grabbed a few of the ears of corn I perpetually have laying around during these months, a bag of frozen shrimp I'd brought back from Trader Joe's, and some grits. Then I turned to my July Bon Appetit for this recipe for shrimp with fresh corn grits.

It came together quickly, and we had enough leftover grits to have another quick meal of shrimp and grits for dinner after our busy Monday. I have almost a whole bag of grits leftover now, so we will eat this again. Is grilled chicken and grits a thing? It's going to be. . .

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