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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Brody Cafeteria, Michigan State University, Take Two

A few weeks ago my high-school junior cousin came to see me. Well, she came to visit the beautiful campus of Michigan State University, and I agreed to be her tour guide.

Obviously, we started with lunch.

Since my last visit to the Brody Cafeteria, my blog entry on the place has been the most popular post- ever- on this website. I think visitors to campus for football games look for a convenient and cheap place to eat and Brody Caf fits the bill. Brody Caf is open to the public.

I've been meaning to go back for years and this was a perfect opportunity. We headed to the dorm complex, paid our $10 for lunch (actually, she paid for me- thank you, Paige!), and gazed in amazement.

There is everything. Pizza. Sushi. Made to order sandwiches. Roasted chicken and mashed potatoes. A salad bar. Hand-dipped ice cream. A breakfast bar with cold cereal, doughnuts, and bagels. Soup. Stir fry. Personalized omelets.

I didn't eat everything, but I sure tried.

I started with a trip down the salad bar. I also had matzoh ball soup, because I'd never had it before.

The boyfriend had a salad too. He also had a club sandwich, which they made for him, and a slice of Philly cheesesteak pizza.

For my next trick, I had a slice of meat lover's pizza (because nothing makes me feel like more of a chunk than eating MEAT LOVER'S PIZZA) and more meat- a grilled chicken breast dipped in buffalo sauce.

I couldn't stop.

I had a spicy tuna roll.

And then I had an ice cream cone.

Everyone needs to be going to the Brody Caf. For the price of what you'd pay at a salad bar, you can have salad and soup and a sandwichandasteakandapizzaandacakeandandand.

If I were a smarter person I'd buy a meal pass. I'm ok with being the thirty-something weirdo eating in a dorm cafeteria everyday if you're ok with being friends with me. 

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Anonymous said...

Have to say I agree -- dorm food sure has changed since I was in college! For the price you just can't beat it.