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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bagger Dave's

Last Friday night, a friend and I met for dinner at Bagger Dave's. I had been there, once, but had never eaten there. Why would I go to a restaurant and not eat, you ask? Because I was there to spread this message.

We met at 8pm and there was a line. I didn't actually mind this. After reading this kind of garbage, I was happy to see that the people waiting for tables were enjoying a night out and not spending the evening crying into their Cheerios (now cholesterol-friendly!)

So, we waited for ten minutes and then were seated. A few minutes after we sat, a teenage girl at the table next to us let fly a burp so loud that I literally stopped what I was doing and turned to give her the full-on stare of disgust. She didn't notice because she was doubled over with laughter. SO WAS HER MOTHER. Ok, maybe that kind of behavior contributed to the above-mentioned Forbes story. Come on, people. Manners. I beg of you.

I got a turkey burger with swiss cheese (I do like cheese on a burger, sometimes), chipotle BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, romaine, sauteed onions, and pickles.  YUM. Really. Yum.

I also got the Mix n Match- fries and sweet potato chips. As I believe I have previously stated, my fatal flaw lies in my preponderance to glimpse a menu item, ignore much of the description because I think I know what it says, order the item and then be disappointed. (My "fatal flaw?" One might argue that my fatal flaw is being overdramatic. At this I would explode into tears and flee.)

Anyway, this happened with the sweet potato chips. I happen to think that sweet potato chips are disgusting. I thought I was ordering sweet potato fries. I ate the regular fries, which reminded me of those fries that you used to buy in a cup at the mall food court. They were very good. What was that place called? Great American Steak and Fry Company? I loved those fries.

It was a good meal. Solid burger. Nice salty fries. Funny waiter. Burping neighbors excluded, I look forward to my next experience.

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